Crunch and Sip Policy

School commitment

St Michael’s has introduced a program called Crunch & Sip to provide a supportive environment for children and staff to eat vegetables, fruit and water each day at 10am.

The school’s policy aims to:

• Increase awareness of the importance of eating vegetables and fruit and drinking water everyday
• Encourage parents and carers to provide students with vegetables, fruit and water each day as a healthy food choice when snacking
• Promote healthy eating at the Tuckshop by providing healthy alternatives for recess and lunch
• Promote healthy eating through education in class lessons.
• Children recycle fruit & vegetable scraps in class bins for compost garden and worm farm.
• “School champion” to inform Staff and Parents of relevant information through newsletters and meetings
Management priorities

The school will ensure that:

• Crunch & Sip be implemented each day at 10am with children snacking only from fresh fruit and vegetables.
• Good  management practices are observed with
• Tuckshop will provide healthy menu for Parents and children to choose from.
• The School shall provide children who cannot afford to participate due to financial difficulties with fruit or vegetables.
Teachers’ Responsibility
• Teachers have the day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that Crunch & Sip occurs at
10am and that food scraps are discarded appropriately in bins provided.
• Teachers will be healthy role models by participating in Crunch & Sip each day.