Discipline Policy

The term ‘Discipline’, comes from the word ‘Disciple’, or follower of Christ. At St Michael’s School we apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to the discipline processes. The entire school community needs to feel safe in conducting the business of teaching and learning. They need to feel confident that every member of the school community is treated with dignity and respect within the school discipline system.
The school bases its Discipline Policy on the Bishop’s Commission Policies Pastoral Care In The Catholic Systemic Schools Of The Armidale Diocese, Policy On Suspension, Expulsion Or Exclusion Of Students In Catholic Schools In The Diocese Of Armidale, Child Protection Policy  and Management Of Drug Related Issues In Catholic Schools In The Diocese Of Armidale. These policies are based on procedural fairness and are discussed with students on a regular basis.
In compliance with the NSW Education Reform Act 1990, Section 47f, the Corporal Punishment of students is not permitted at St Michael’s School.

General Principles

The school will ensure that:

  • All school children and staff are free to carry out the teaching / learning process in safety and are free from harassment of any description.
  • All children have a set of rules they are required to follow.
  • All parents are involved in, and support the discipline process within the school.
  • All children who operate within the school rules are rewarded.
  • Children who break the school rules progress through levels of discipline according to the school behaviour management plan. If a child reaches Level 6 of St Michael’s Behaviour Management Plan, he/she will be suspended and if a child reaches Level 7, he/she will be expelled in accordance with the Diocesan Policy Guidelines.

Teachers’ Responsibility 

  • Teachers take responsibility for discipline within their classroom, while on playground duty and while
  • supervising on excursions. Staff and children are guided by the Behaviour Management Plan following Levels as needed.
  • Teachers take responsibility for awarding Merit and House Award cards to children whom they deem
  • deserving. Teachers take responsibility for recording children’s Merit Cards on their class checklist.
  • The Teacher supervising weekly assembly is responsible for collating of House Awards for the winning House.