Drug Policy

St Michael’s School aims to educate, to build community and to serve and thus support parents who are the primary and principal educators of their children.

St Michael’s School strives to offer not only quality academic programs but also formation and instruction in the beliefs and values of the Catholic tradition, thus preparing students for life in today’s Church and society.

Illicit and unsanctioned drug use and the use of prescription and legal drugs is a complex social issue that must be dealt with in a range of ways by various professionals and agencies. St Michael’s Staff acknowledges their partnership role in addressing these social issues. We strive to provide a safe school environment through the implementation of our Drug Education policy, a sequential curriculum, and accessing student welfare services if necessary.

The implementation of this Drug Education Syllabus within St Michael’s School offers an excellent opportunity to express our fundamental belief that all aspects of life have the capacity to lead us to God. All teachers, parents and our Parish Priest have the opportunity and face the challenge to become more involved in the nurturing of the values and beliefs that will shape the lives of the children within our care.

All values within this document express the innate human desire for integrity, wholeness and truth, and, as such, are worthy of study and integration across all curriculum.

This document provides the direction for the response of St Michael’s School to the reality of drugs in our society. In responding to the impact of drugs this document attempts to strike a balance between the rights of the individual student, the family and the broader school community. St Michael’s School values the worth of each child and responds to individual situations in the light of the Gospel values of justice, compassion and forgivenes