Evacuation Policy


St Michael’s is committed to providing a school environment, where children can learn, play and discover God in a safe and healthy environment. This requires the co-operation of the whole school community to provide suitable procedures that allow the whole school community to safely evacuate all buildings in the event of fire or other emergency situation. St Michael’s is committed to appropriate and responsible emergency evacuation practices.

The school’s policy aims to ensure that:

  • All children and staff are aware of evacuation process.
  • All school exits are free of obstructions and are not used as storage areas.
  • All emergency exits are clearly marked.
  • Teachers have a copy of the Emergency Procedures in their class rolls.
  • A copy of the Evacuation Plan is clearly displayed in each classroom near the door.
  • All fire fighting equipment is maintained and regularly inspected.
  • Ensure evacuation problems are competently assessed
  • Provide effective evacuation control where this is justified
  • Ensure that emergency evacuation practices do not pose a threat to the health or safety of staff, students or visitors to the school
  • Environmental damage from emergency evacuation practices are minimised.

Management priorities

The school will ensure that:

  • legislative requirements are complied with
  • good safety practices are observed to prevent large populations of students being injured in an emergency
  • emergency evacuation drills are conducted on a regular basis and evacuation control methods are chosen which deal effectively with the emergency while minimising health, safety or environmental risks
  • notifications are made as appropriate and required information is obtained
  • suitable precautions are taken with practice and drills
  • insurance and liability issues receive due attention.


The day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that these objectives are met rests with all staff.