Homework Policy

School commitment:

St Michael’s School, in consultation with Staff and parents, has devised this homework policy with the following premises:

  • Parents are the first and paramount educators of their child;
  • Set homework is educationally beneficial and meets realistic expectations of students, teachers, parents and caregivers.

Management priorities:

The school will ensure that homework:

  • Be a valuable part of a child’s education
  • Consolidate work done in class
  • Provide training for students in planning and organising time
  • Establish a  habit of study, concentration and self-discipline which will serve as life-long learning
  • Strengthen home-school links
  • Reaffirm the role of parents and caregivers as partners in education
  • Provide parents and caregivers with insights into what is being taught in the classroom
  • Challenge and extend children’s learning

Homework Guidelines:

  • The amount of time that students are expected to spend on homework will depend upon age,  ability, home environment and extracurricular activities of students, including family and cultural obligations. It is important that students of all ages have opportunities for free time, leisure and physical activities outside of school.
  • No child should attempt homework when physically or mentally tired. Parents are to monitor their child’s ability to complete set homework tasks.

Approximate time for set homework per class is as follows:

Kindergarten – 10 minutes per night
Year 1 & 2 – 20 minutes per night
Year 3 & 4 – 30 minutes per night
Year 5 & 6 –  60 minutes per night

  • Homework is given Monday – Thursday. No homework is given on the weekends, school holidays or family holidays.
  • Parents are expected to sign homework.
  • Teachers are expected to mark and sign homework.
  • Parents will be contacted if homework is not done regularly or to an acceptable standard.
  • Homework book may be used as a communication book between parents and teachers.


It is the responsibility of the class teacher to ensuring that these objectives are met.