Leadership Policy

St Michael’s School aims to educate, to build community and to serve, “letting our light shine,” and thus promote positive leadership among the Senior students. This in turn allows the Senior students to lead by example and thus have a positive influence upon the younger students.

St Michael’s School strives to offer not only quality academic programs but also formation and instruction in leadership, thus better preparing students for life in today’s society.

We strive to provide a safe school environment through the implementation of our many Policies and Procedures in such areas as Discipline, Behaviour Management, Child Protection, Health, Safety, Amenities and accessing student welfare services when necessary. We strive to promote positive leadership through :

  • Leaders attending the annual Leadership Conference;
  • Leaders facilitating School Assemblies;
  • Leaders facilitating SRC meetings;
  • Leaders attending Community functions ;
  • Leaders representing St Michael’s School at various Community functions
  • Leaders responsible for welcoming visitors to our school and thanking them for their visits;
  • Year 6 student nominations for Captaincy for the coming year.
  • Year 6 presenting a speech to the whole School to promote their nomination

The implementation of this Policy within St Michael’s School offers all Senior students the opportunity of excelling in leadership. Leaders do not have to ‘wear a badge’ to be a positive influence upon others and be an excellent role model All students are encouraged to be positive role models at all ages.

St Michael’s School Leadership Policy provides an imbedded culture of positive leadership at St Michael’s School a determination that ‘winners find solutions’. We work together to achieve our goals and make St Michael’s School richer because of this. St Michael’s School values the worth of each child and responds to individual situations in the light of the Gospel values of justice, compassion and forgiveness.

On Presentation Night each year, the outgoing Captains present the incoming Captains with their badges after the Principal announces who the Captains are.