Mobile Phone Policy


The increased ownership of mobile phones requires that St Michael’s School has clear guidelines for the management of mobile phones on School premises.

School commitment

St Michael’s School provides a supportive environment for children and staff which promote safe living and positive decision making. The School recognises that its teachers have a duty of care towards each student and that all students and staff have the right to their school being a safe and supportive environment. The School does not recognise the need for Primary aged children to use a mobile phone whilst at school or on any school based excursions, as the School takes this responsibility upon itself as part of their duty of care.

The School’s Mobile Phone Policy aims to:

  • Increase the awareness of the importance of not providing mobile phones for students’ personal use while on excursions or school based activities.
  • Encourage parents and carers to support the School’s Policy.
  • Remove the concerns associated with unsupervised or improper use of mobile phones and their damage.
  • Promote Parental trust in the School and Teachers to provide a safe and supportive environment for their child and be confident that if medical assistance or other is required, that the School will provide it.
  • Accept no responsibility for replacing mobile phones lost or damaged during school hours.
  • Accepts no responsibility for replacing mobile phones lost or damaged while travelling to and from school.

Management priorities

The school will ensure that:

  • If a student must access a mobile phone for any reason outside of School hours, a note explaining the reason must be given to the Principal and the mobile phone will be securely stored in the Office upon arrival at School and collected at the conclusion of the School day.
  • All Excursion notes remind parents and carers of our ‘Mobile Phone Policy’.
  • Teachers’ Responsibility
  •  Encourage parents, carers and their children to respect and fully support this policy.
  • Parents & Carers’ Responsibility
  • Fully support the School in the implementation of this policy thus consolidating trust in the School’s ability to provide a safe and supportive environment for their child.