Playground Policy

School commitment

St Michael’s is committed to providing a playground which is a place where children can learn, play and develop their skills and imagination, in a safe and healthy environment.

Management priorities

This school will ensure that:

  • All school areas are supervised when in legitimate use by children, both during and after school hours.
  • Children’s skills and behaviour are considered in the design of the playground.
  • All playground equipment is in compliance with legal requirements.
  • A management system for playgrounds based on Australian Standards is developed.
  • Playgrounds contain equipment which is approved and in good order.
  • Equipment is installed and positioned safely.
  • Equipment is inspected and maintained regularly.
  • The playground area is kept clean and clear of hazards.


1.     Children are not permitted inside the main building except: under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher.
2.     It is important for teachers on duty to be vigilant and constantly on the move.
3.     Children must have permission from the class teacher during school time or the teacher on duty before school, at recess and at lunchtime before going to the following:

  • Office /Staffroom
  • Toilet (must also report back when finished)

4.     Children will be seated and supervised by teacher while eating recess and lunch. The teacher will check eating areas for cleanliness before allowing the children to move to main playground at 1:25pm. Children are not allowed to go to the Canteen before this is done.
5.     Out of Bounds

The following areas are out of bounds for all children:

  • All school boundaries
  • Church embankments and stairs
  • Main School building
  • Around the Church
  • Storage Sheds, P & F Shed
  • Sports shed (other than Sports Captains)

6.     No Hat No Play

  • Children must wear a school hat all times when out in the open
  • If children do not have a school hat they will sit on the ‘no hat no play’ seat in the shaded area.

7.     Children are not permitted  to tackle each other in games such as football.

8.     Children are not permitted  to do gymnastics without strict teacher supervision.

9.     Children are responsible for cleaning up the areas in which they are playing. Teachers on duty need to
stop games to get children to clean up. It is the responsibility of children and teachers on duty to ensure the playground is left clean.

10. Behaviour Management
Teachers are expected to have their own strategies for dealing with minor behaviour problems in class and in the playground.

  • Minor incidents: teacher might simply speak to the children.
  • Difficult incidents: teacher concerned to see Principal with child.

11.     Positive Behaviour Recognition
Teachers are expected to reward positive behaviour in the playground with Penola or MacKillop House Awards.